Welcome to Haven Company

Haven Company is a business committed to coordinate and facilitate for different organizations, foundations and businesses.

Area’s in which we coordinate and facilitate at the moment are:

  • Administration
  • Managing of (international) events
  • Businesses in start up
  • ICT
  • International aid projects

The name Haven is connected with the vision of the Company.

What is a ‘Haven’?

  1. Haven in Dutch is a place where ships come in to deliver their cargo, for repair, a stopover for people, for rest or transition. When a ship leaves the Haven, they have to be navigated towards the open waters. The larger the ship, the more assistance is needed. As Haven Company we want to coordinate, facilitate and provide resources to fulfill the objectives of our foundation.
  2. Haven is also a symbol of a safe place where the lighthouse serves as a reference point. In history, the Netherlands has also often been a safe place for many people groups. As Haven Company we want to be a secure and trustful partner.
  3. Finally, we are based in ‘Almere Haven’